Links for my Pervasive Media Studio talk

I’m giving a talk this afternoon at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol about some low-resolution people experiments I’ve been making. Here are some related links:

Exploring the Affect of Abstract Motion in Social Human-Robot Interaction, John Harris and Ehud Sharlin

Libbybot 11 code and instructions

Zamia and scripts for running it on the Raspberry Pi 3

Real_libby code


Matt Jones – Butlers or Centaurs

Tim Cowlishaw‘s colab notebook for GPT-2 retraining

Janelle Shane‘s site and book

This is the voice synthesis code that my colleagues used. They are hoping to open up their version of it soon.

There’s a voice assistant survey that uses the synthesised voices and there’s a blog post about that.

Pimoroni sell Respeaker 4-mics.

I’m libbymiller on twitter.