Inky pinky pinky

comparing the new Guardian to the size of a Scientific American
The new Berliner format for the print Grauniad makes it the cutest little newspaper in Britain and has very high quality colour printing. It’ll take a while for a Guardian reader of 20 years’ standing like me to get used to it though – the format change brings with it subtle changes in readability from the new font, changes in column width, and relearning the visual cues you look for to determine the interestingness of a story. Plus – where’s Doonsbury? and Passnotes has gone. And Lost Consonants…
Still makes a mess of your fingers though. I once asked a very charming ex-army B&B owner if he would mind picking up a Guardian for me in addition to his usual Telegraph and got the retort “inky pinky pinky!” and it’s still true of me. (He very sweetly went against all his natural instincts and did look for one for me – but in that part of Dorset there were none to be found).
Update: Maybe Doonsbury will come back.