US Election makes British TV much better

Thanks to the US election there’s been tons of great stuff on, for example:
The Whitehouse for sale with Jon Snow from Channel 4 news. Nice repeated use of the phrase “or is it just a coincidence” when an $Xmillion donation from say, an oil company or a pharmaceutical company is closely followed by legislation helpful to that industry. Looks like might be a nice source of FoafPolCorp data perhaps (and an interesting predictor of legislative direction whoever gets in if Jon Snow is right).
Jonathan Miller’s brief History of Disbelief ended tonight after three erudite programmes explaining some of the connections between disbelief and politics with a dispirited call for a coherent exposition of atheism as an antidote to politics infected by religion (Tom Payne anyone?)
And the best of all, The Power of Nightmares, another three-parter whose thesis is the contention that the threat of organised terrorist threat has been manufactured as a means of controlling the populace. Startling that they’ve shown it at all and available via BitTorrent.
Bit of a shock to the brain after the usual CSI and Buffy and Futurama reruns.