Damian Steer and I have pulled together some ideas we’ve both been thinking about for a while for the FOAF Galway workshop. I’ve been looking for quick ways to validate RDF documents for a while, and it turns out Schematron and Damian’s TreeHugger together are a pretty good fit. Strangely easy actually. Here’s the position paper, which could have done with a bit more work but sets out most of the ideas we were thinking of. The really neat thing is that in some cases the same Schematron rules file will work to validate the same file as XML (using XSLT) and as RDF (using TreeHugger-XSLT). I’m not sure what to make of that, but it’s definitely cool.
We so need a cute bunny logo.

2 thoughts on “FOAF-a-rama

  1. Neat approach. “Strangely easy” sounds very promising indeed! Trying the XSLT variation just went on my to-do list. Which isn’t getting any shorter as my super-powers as The Procrastinator increases, to wit –



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