<crschmidt> We are the foafions, my friend….

the Logica mini-conference centre, Enchede

Dirk and I have been finalizing the arrangements for FOAFCamp, and we now have some nice pictures of the Twente University campus where it will be held, August 19-20 2004.
Now we have more accurate figures, we’ve worked out that it will cost 100 Euros per person rather than 150, which I’m really pleased about (that includes breakfast and lunch for thursday and friday and dinner on thursday, but not accommodation – see below).
We now have registration form and a hotel booking form (type ‘Logica’ in the comments part of the hotel booking form if you want to stay there – which we recommend – 36 Euros a night, pay when you get there). The Logica facility is a cute little mini-conference centre for about 50 people. It’s just perfect…
Many thanks to Dirk and Gina for asking all the right questions, to Dirk and Ardy for being so hospitable, and to Marjolein and Leo for showing us around 🙂
We’ll be there from Wednesday 18th evening. Hope to see you there, or at the also-forthcoming FOAF-Galway workshop on FOAF and Social Software, September 1-2 2004.