FOAFCamp and FOAF Galway

foaf camp picture
Dan’s already blogged these new FOAF events, but I thought I might as well too, as I have been helping Dirk-Willem van Gulik with some of the arrangements for FOAFCamp and I’m going to see the physical site in Enschede next weekend.
FOAF Galway is SWAD-Europe’s ‘final workshop’ (although actually, heh, there might be some other workshops held by the project which are actually temporally after this one). But the ‘final workshop’ is supposed to be larger in scale than our other smaller developer workshops, and wider in scope, too. Previously we’ve held quite tightly scoped workshops, on image description, calendaring etc; this one is on FOAF, Social Networking and the Semantic Web. Potentially it covers a huge area: harvesting, storage, querying; combining SemWeb vocabs, building SemWeb vocabs, all of which have been themes within the SWAD-Europe project. The workshop will also look at future topics of work in the Semantic Web area. Hopefully we should get some interesting ideas about trust on the SemWeb, for example. The workshop is 1-2 September, in Galway, Ireland.
Anyway, all you need to come along is a short paper (2 pages) submitted by 22nd July (or a long paper submitted by 18th), and we and our lovely hosts at DERI will provide lunch and nice cups of tea etc for a two days of interesting technical discussion. You’ll have to find your own accommodation though. Details on the local page for the event. Many thanks to John Breslin and Stefan Decker for all the hard work they’ve put into the organisation and planning of this.
FOAFCamp, organised by Dirk and the other lovely chaps from @Semantics is more informal, but also lots of fun. The idea is to gather together FOAFs in an attractive setting for a relatively unstructured two days (19th/20th August) of geeking. Enschede is the home of the Grolsh brewery, but that’s sheer coincidence. FOAFCamp is inspired by last years’ FOO Camp and similar events such as Apache Hack-a-thon. It costs money – 100 Euro was the cheapest we could get it (but do ask if you’re short of cash and we’ll see what we can do). You also have to sort out your own accommodation, though we’ll do lunch on both days, nice cups of tea (obviously), and dinner on one night. Mail if you’re interested (even if you’re not sure). You can also add stuff to the Foaf wiki, e.g. FoafCamp page.
We’ve been wanting to gather Friends of FOAF together for a while: we reckon these are two neat opportunities to come and meet people and talk about the future of FOAF. Do come along if you can.