William Loughborough: better than anything :)

William and Aaron in 2001

William Loughborough
 emailed me today and said that the keyboardist of a jazz group, Duenna had emailed him asking for the lyrics of “Better Than Anything”, and he thought we should go check them out, as they were playing at Le Chateau in Bristol. Anyway, so we went, and I was braver than normal and went and told them the story and they were astonished and pleased – “did one of you email William Loughborough today?” “how did you know that?!”
And they were quite good…so hopefully William will let them have the lyrics. I can’t think of many people except him whose influence stretches so far away…

2 thoughts on “William Loughborough: better than anything :)

  1. I’m searching the lyrics of “Better Than Anything”
    If you can mailed them, it will be great, really.
    Thanks a lot

  2. why is it that the lyrics for tuck & patti’s better than anything seem to be so confidential???i’ve searched the entire web but i can’t find a link to it.i can’t understand some of the lyrics so i need to see a printable version of it.help me.

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