iPhone working with PoGo

I’m so chuffed about this –

I bought a Polaroid PoGo inkless bluetooth mini sticker printer having been entranced by psd’s one, but knowing it didn’t work with the iPhone and that I’d have to get my laptop out to print anything. The PoGo is a lovely toy but I was getting a bit irritated by this limitation. The problem was twofold:

  •  iPhone bluetooth is crippled – you can only use bluetooth headphones, and not use it for file transfer. Annoying.
  • iPhone stores pictures as (peculiar) pngs and PoGo only accepts jpegs (which I found by trial and error – I can’t find any PoGo docs on that at all)

The first issue was easily solved – I have a jailbroken 1st gen phone and I just installed iBluetooth with Cydia, which is a app installer based on .deb packages.

The second was more tricky. I looked at ImageMagick for iphone (it’s on Cydia) but didn’t get anywhere. I think I needed to install gcc which was a step too far. Instead I put ssh on it (pretty cool in itself), found some hints on the web, and found that iPhone actually creates jpgs as well as pngs (in /private/var/mobile/media/DCIM/100APPLE – the pngs are in /private/var/mobile/media/DCIM/999APPLE). Weird! Anyway, iBluetooth allows you to browse the filesystem, and send files you find there, and that worked.

So all you really need is iBluetooth as it turns out. Hope this is useful to someone.