Meaning / flickr / GPS / series 60 / ooh lovely

I met Mika Raento at the PLAN workshop and I loved his application ContextFlickr immediately – it finds information near your phone – like bluetooth device ids, cellids and GPS coordinates if you have a bluetooth GPS like me (since yesterday 🙂 and uploads them with your picture to flickr, as tags. So you get a lot of cool ways of grouping your photos, automatic GPS tags for use with geobloggers, georss and WorldKit etc.
Anyway, he’s got a shiny new version called “Merkitys-Meaning”. It works lovely. And (like Shozu) saves you money if you’re an inveterate moblogger like me and were previously using MMS. It’s GPLed. It’s ace. Try it!
p.s. tripletags!

GPS and P800

Some trial GPS code works with my P800 and GlobalSat bluetooth GPS. Ish. Nice 🙂
so…I wonder how much it will be to buy and whether I can get my data back. And whether it can be integrated with, say, the image app on the P800. The developer seems pretty responsive, so maybe I’ll ask.