Sem Web Best Practices – Applications and demos taskforce

Sorry for all the noise on PlanetRDF – we’re putting semweb applications and demos on the old SWAD-Europe weblog. If you’re interested in having your application or demo considered for listing there, you need to

  • read the critera to make sure you’re app or demo is suitable (the top of this page)
  • create a DOAP file and link it from your app or demo’s homepage like this:

    <link rel="meta" title="DOAP" href="mydoap.rdf" type="application/rdf+xml"/>
  • link your project’s doap file from the ESW wiki SemanticWebDOAPBulletinBoard page (under ‘list of doap files’)

and we (the Apps and Demos taskforce of the SWBP group) will double check it and add it to the weblog. Thanks!