FOAFCamp and Euro FooCamp

class of FOAFCamp
I’m at EuroFoo after an (I hope/think) successful FOAFCamp. FOAFCampers have put up their photos, and we’d like people to fill in the questionnaire. We hope to do it again sometime. It was lovely to see people again and meet new people and people I’d only met online.
EuroFoo looks good, though last night I was all socialized out and needed to hide under a rock. Today I’m more perky, and wishing I’d done some more cool stuff recently…. I’m totally chuffed that John Naughton is here 🙂

KLM suck, they really do

Our flight to foafcamp was ‘downloaded’ (downsized maybe?) this morning so we’ve been delayed 5 hours. Bastards. In compensation we got, each:

  • one token for 30 quid off a future KLM flight (expired)
  • 5 quid off food at BRS (that’ll buy you one overpriced sandwich)
  • 6 quid off food in AMS
  • a three minute free phonecall

Thanks KLM! you suck!