XML Summer school

xml summer school
I’m at an XML summer school doing a talk on RDF calendar, (with Matt and Kal, Anne Wrightson and Tony Coates on the Semantic Web expert forum) and learning about XSLT (with Jeni Tennison and Bob DuCharme among others – very interesting). I demoed my slightly silly event creator js thing.
I’m wondering about rdfpath in XSLT (and XQuery) and wondering how easy it would be to whip one up. Also looking at Norm Walsh’s interesting Rdftwig. A few people have asked me about foaf.
Here’s some pictures, and some more pictures.

Cataloging pictures

Dan and Jim and a frisbee
I spent a happy couple of hours last night cataloguing photos to test my new javascript cataloging tool, and then realized this morning that there were sufficient bugs in my implementation that I had to rebuild the database. In particular the bnode id generation was screwed (but how did it ever work?) and then I realized I didn’t have a scutter implementation in my mini RDF implementation ‘tinkling’ (tiny Inkling). But now my foaf codepiction experiment implementation is more useful – you can see who annotated photos, as well as rough locations (and a map), people, wordnet things…and cataloging is pretty fast (although there’s a tendency to forget which fields you’ve added). But tinkling is still crufty as hell… Also the js thing is very crufty and doesn’t work in IE, only Moz.